Books by S.W. Martin


Atascadero coverAtascadero, California

Located nearly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on US Highway 101 this city is the brainchild of E.G. Lewis. Thought by some to have been a visionary, Lewis was considered a con artist by others. In spite of his reputation, he founded Atascadero and left in his wake a collection of unique architecture and the first planned community in the state of California. He established roads, water mains, power grids, agricultural cooperatives, and a 17-mile road to the Pacific Ocean. Atascadero was home to an early example of an enclosed shopping mall and magnificent art from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Atascadero’s creator also founded University City, Missouri, Computer Buttonand Palos Verdes Estates, California. Click on the button to order your copy from the Amazon bookstore right now!

39 Cover39: 100111

Technology collides with the paranormal in California wine country where a priest, an atheist and a beautiful woman battle an ancient evil. James Kearn advises the wealthy on how to make money. His brother, Father Michael, thinks he hears the voice of God. Both are bound to a disgraced physicist who has awakened something at the quantum level of reality. Dea Capello clings to her roots in the drought-stricken vineyards of Paso Robles, California as a mysterious billionaire promises a perfect solution to a thirsty population. The price of perfection is high, however. Perhaps too high for even science and faith to pay. Click on the button to order your copy from the Amazon bookstore right now!

“…a brilliant and richly-layered creative masterpiece…”

“An amazing book, combining the reality and beauty of Paso Robles with an incredible fantasy of future events.”

“…’39’ is an incredible read. great characters, realistic dialogue and more twists and turns than a grapevine on steroids… accurate descriptions of our county and a mile a minute ending.”Computer Button