What is VOP?

VOP (Voice of Paso) is radio… on the Internet!

Since its inception early in the 20th Century, radio has been one of the most pervasive and persuasive media in the history of the world. It started with AM radio and, as magical as it seemed in the beginning, its limitations soon became apparent. Its range was limited to the power of the originating transmitter and sound quality… well, let’s just say standards were lower back then. Next came FM radio. It had similar range problems, but sound quality was much better.

It’s the 21st Century now and “broadcasting” has evolved into something new and exciting. Using the Internet, radio stations can broadcast worldwide with high quality sound. That’s what Voice of Paso offers.

Voice of Paso is a local radio station that you can hear all over the world. That means when you want to stay in touch happenings back home (local high school football games, for example) you can tune in using your computer, your smart phone or your tablet. It will sounds just as good as if you were sitting in front your stereo system.

So, tune in. Listen up. Let us know what you like and what you want from Voice Of Paso. And, remember: you’re not just listening to another radio station. You’re on the VOP!