How can I hear VOP?

Okay, here’s how you can “tune in.”

Internet radio really didn’t come into its own until it became available on portable devices. Originally, you had to sit by your desktop computer to hear it. Today, however, with tablets and smart phones and Bluetooth connections in automobiles you can take Internet radio wherever you go. There are lots of ways to tune in. Here are a few:

Just click on this player to listen on your computer, tablet or smartphone

In your car

If own a newer model you probably have Bluetooth built in. If so, pair your car system with your smart phone and the audio will flow through your car speakers. Consult your car owner manual for detailed instructions. No Bluetooth in your car? No problem. You can purchase a very inexpensive little device that will pair with your smart phone and then broadcast the audio to your car’s FM radio. Google it! You’ll see!

Download an app

There are lots of them out there. We suggest the Live365 app or the TuneIn app. There are apps for your smartphone, your home video ROKU and other devices. You can find these apps using Google or other search engines on your phone or computer. You can also find them be navigating your home video systems. If you are really have difficulties please email us at We’ll try to talk you through it.